It’s Ok To Be Single
June 21, 2018
Claire Miles

So you’re single. Well, that’s so ok.  It may have let you down and discouraged you, having talked to so, so, so many people and never getting anything good out of it. You date someone for months, and they still weren’t ready to put a label on it.

You thought someone wanted to be with you, but then, in the end, they decided to be with someone else. You had someone that only wanted one for your body, nothing more.

It made you feel like there was something off with you, something wrong with you. Right? You compared yourself to others and tried to convince yourself why they would never choose you. You stay up at night trying to figure out what they have that you don’t, and how you can get it too.

It may take you some time to understand all that you are and everything that you are worth. It will take some time, but you will eventually realize the incredible person that you’re developing into, as you learn more and more about yourself. There will always be someone with a better something than you, but no one will ever be you, and that’s everything.

So when you look back and think about all the terrible dates and breakups you went through, realize, please, please, please that it wasn’t you that was the problem. They were not able to give you everything that you deserve and need in a partner.

That’s completely fine. There is someone out there for you that will be just right for you, and that will come through. When the time is right, you two will find each other.

But for now, while you’re here, and you’re single, try to understand that this is the case for a reason. You can’t fully love someone else if you don’t love yourself first.

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