It’s OK To Focus On The Silver Lining
May 24, 2020
Laura Lee

It is a hard and sad time for millions all over the world. However, some people choose to hold on to hope and find the silver linings in this devastating and unfortunate situation. At first, I was against that. All of that “look at the bright side” talk, as well-intended as it may be, can smack of privilege. I guess it comes from the part of me that always tries to be OK with everybody and be considerate of everyone’s emotion to the extreme, even if it brings me down. Plus, when so many are losing people they love, jobs, businesses, homes, etc., it has seemed a little premature.  

However, recently, I had a change of heart. I realized that the need for light, for positivity, is a very human thing, to help us survive this whole thing. I realized that the kindness, joy, laughter, etc., of other people, is irreplaceable and brings us much comfort; that this helps bring us all together. And that may be the best and truest silver lining – when we all come together to help other people who are suffering or struggling. Of course, this isn’t the only one. Scientists and experts are taking center stage, the much-deserved appreciation to health workers, the time we get to spend with our family, and these are just a few examples.

It may be a cliche, but we are all in this together. It’s true. We need all countries to work together on possible solutions and stamp this out. We need other people around us to wash their hands, keep and respect the distance, wear masks, and be careful. And we need each other. We need the laughter, comfort, wisdom, humor, resilience, and company of each other to get through this. We need to allow ourselves to see the silver lining, to find comfort in it. We must remain hopeful.

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