It’s The Little Things
November 10, 2022
Claire Miles

Life is not always filled with major events. If you wait to celebrate only the biggest landmarks in life, then are you really enjoying life? Major landmarks aren’t too close to each other. Of course, you can look forward to your graduation, your wedding, buying your first house, holding your first child in your arms, or making a partner at your firm. Surely, they are the biggest achievements in your life but if you don’t stop and put a smile on your face when you ace that test when you go on your first date, your first glass of wine with your mother, then you won’t really have a lot of celebrations in a single lifetime.

The major landmarks in life definitely matter a lot but it is the little celebrations that make life worth living. It is the little celebrations that allow you to rejuvenate your energy and push forward and get closer to the next big landmark. At a certain point in life, you realize that you don’t need to look for big flashy things that you can call a celebration. The little things on a more regular basis can keep you much more content and happier with your life.

So the next time something happens in life that seems insignificant to you, take a step back and think if having achieved that insignificant achievement is a step forward in your life or not. No matter how little advancement, if it is a step forward then it calls for a celebration. Don’t think too hard about what qualifies as something that calls for a celebration. Life is too short to wait for the big things and let the little things pass by so why would you think twice before grabbing an opportunity to be happy with a little celebration?

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