Jennifer Lopez Looks Fresh From The ’80s
July 23, 2020
Penelope Trent

Jennifer Lopez, who, out of many talents, is also known for her incredible sense of style, went on a vacation with her family sporting a natural look. Wearing tights, a perforated sweatshirt, her natural curly hair (and a mask,) Lopez looked straight out of an ’80s movie. For several years now, Lopez’s inability to show signs of growing old doesn’t stop to amaze us. Lopez, who will celebrate her 51st birthday tomorrow, looks more and more young and vital as time goes by. Well, that wasn’t enough for the superstar. While on vacation in the Hamptons, Lopez looked as if she hopped on a space machine back to the ’80s.

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In a sporty outfit that looked straight out of “Flashdance” (which she paid an homage to back in 2011,) and a shirt, curly, highlighted hairdo, you might be mistaken into thinking we are in the 1980s. You can tell by her clothes that even during quarantine, JLo is making sure to maintain her fitness routine. The white tights Lopez is wearing, belong to the brand ‘Alo Yoga,’ and cost about a hundred dollars. The plus of the tights in question? They hold your stomach inside with the help of a separate and strong strap.

Above the tights, Lopez wore a delicate, mint, drop-shoulder top with holes, and revealed a greenish, 80ish brad underneath it. Lopez’s twins, Emme and Max, who went on a walk with her, looked, on the other hand, straight from the ’90s. Emme wore baggy jeans and a Bob Marley neon top, while Max wore an undershirt paired with sweatpants and slippers. Even if it’s not the best look Lopez has ever worn, we are happy to see Lopez changing up her look, while also keeping safe and using this time to be with her family. While on the topic of Lopez’s outfit, we can’t overlook the highly important mask, who tied this look together. Keep safe everyone!

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