Just Friends
December 27, 2019
Alexandra Wade

I recently got back in touch with a childhood friend of mine. It seemed as if no time has passed, and within a couple of days, we managed to get past all the years we missed. However, things took an unexpected turn when we kissed at a recent meeting. Since then, I had hardly heard from him. Now, almost three weeks later, I suddenly received a surprising text from him.

In the text, he wrote to me that during this time apart, he thought our situation through. He wrote to me that he realized that he does want us to be together; that he couldn’t stop thinking about me; that we have so much potential. He apologized for not seeing it sooner, for avoiding me and pushing me away.

However, for me, it was already too late. See, during these three weeks, I have accepted that this is not going to happen; that I have to get over this idea. So, I moved on, moved past it. By the time he texted, I was already at a different place emotionally. I didn’t want to put myself through that emotional rollercoaster again.

Replying, I told him that I value our friendship and wish for us to stay friends at the moment. I did it gently and stressed how much his friendship means to me. He told me he understands and promised that this time our friendship will not be affected. However, he couldn’t live up to his word.

Two days after I replied, he had cut all ties with me yet again. This time, unlike the previous, I didn’t hear from him at all. I do miss him as a friend, but do not want to lead him on or give him the wrong impression. I honestly do not know where we can go from here. He is important to me and I do not want to give up on our friendship. I just want my friend back.

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