Kate Steals The Show
August 6, 2020
Penelope Trent

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is slowly returning to the public’s perception. This time, Kate was spotted in a gorgeous white dress at a benefit event that took place on her sister-in-law, Mehan Markel’s, birthday. The benefit was at a babies’ donation center, which receives second-hand items for newborns, where they are resorted and divided to people who need it more. Kate made her visit to Sheffield’s Baby Bank in a charming white dress and a reusable face mask, declaring that while the Coronavirus is still here, we can live our best life alongside it.


Getty Images/ Chris Jackson Collection/ Chris Jackson


During her visit, Kate wrapped herself in a brown workers’ apron, put on disposable gloves, and moved boxes filled with donated baby clothes from all over the country from place to place. 19 British clothing brands took part in providing the most vulnerable families in the UK at the moment with baby items. As you may know, Kate is known for re-wearing some of her clothes, which happened this time as well. The periodic, beautiful dress by Susana London, featured white silk, black buttons, and an impressive collar. The dress embraces the waist and leaves room to show off impressive calves and shoes. It was about a year ago when Kate wore this dress in a visit to Wimbledon. Then, the duchess matched the dress with a black belt and a bow tie on the lapel. This time, matching it only with a white belt, gave the dress a more angelic and clean look.


Getty Images/ Chris Jackson Collection/ Chris Jackson


Kate’s face mask was from her favorite label when she buys clothes for her children – Amaya Kids. The fashion label, which makes most of the sweet dresses Charlotte wears, makes masks for kids and moms. Kate modeled the floral print, which costs around £15, and containers two layers and an internal filter to replace. When buying the mask, thirty percent of sales are donated to charity. Kate completed her look with shiny and glamorous shoes from Tabitha Simmons’ label. The shoes are another item Kate wore before as she first wore it back in July 2011 on a trip to the U.S.


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