Katie Holmes’ Style Stays On Point
October 8, 2020
Penelope Trent

Before the spread of COVID-19, I used to publish a column that showcased that week’s best-dressed celebrities every Thursday. Unfortunately, following the spread of the virus, I couldn’t continue writing it. Luckily, however, there was one celebrity that was still able to showcase her great style and sense of fashion – Katie Holmes. So, continuing to provide us with her daily dose of casual style, the star was spotted walking the streets of New York earlier this week wearing the coveted shoes of the moment. Here is everything you need to know about Holmes’ latest super chic look.


Getty Images/ GC Images/ Gotham


Katie Holmes’ latest look joins the genre of precise casual looks in which she specializes. These are the looks that at first glance may seem like something we could have seen on the street under our house, but in a second glance, reveal all the little details that make them so great and worth mentioning. This time, the actress spiced up her casual art with a particularly coveted sporting item. This item wasn’t a designer bag or her luxurious Tove gray wool coat, but rather seemingly innocent sneakers.


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As mentioned, just a second look at this pair of shoes clarifies their connectedness. Not only did this model of sneakers, the New Balance 327, transform into a kind of global obsession in recent months, but they were also launched in an even more limited version in the form of a collaboration with the trendy brand, Staud, as part of a broader collection. The particular model Holmes wore offers a bright aesthetic, with the giant N logo embedded in the outer sides of the shoe in a deep burgundy hue. The massive appearance of the shoe, which corresponds with the trend of orthopedic comfort shoes and dad-sneakers, is, of course, the highlight. Unfourtenetly, the shoe quickly ran out of stock and is no longer available. I don’t know about you, but I am going to refresh and refresh until they come back in stock.


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