Keep Your Relationship Exciting
June 20, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Even the most thrilling romances and passionate couples can hit a rather dull spot.  Long term relationships can’t be exciting every single moment. And while that’s ok and normal, there are tons of ways to try to brings things up and light the flame all over again.

First of all, it’s important to make sure that your life partner excites you and that you enjoying being with them no matter what. If you don’t enjoy spending time with them, then we’ve got a problem.

But assuming that you’ve got a happy and healthy relationship, but are just looking for some new adventures to spark things up, visiting new places together and taking trips, trying out new bars and restaurants, learning something new together, taking a cooking course, watching some old movies can make it feel like you’re back on your honeymoon. It really doesn’t have to be something too extravagant or expensive.

Routine is good, but sometimes it can be useful to throw in some new things to avoid getting bored and unamused by daily life.  It’s also valuable to appreciate the lack of excitement, and to get about about that. It’s invaluable to think about the fact that you’ve been together so long that you’ve even made it to this comfortable point. You no longer need glamorous and luxurious date to impress each other.

Other than trying out new things together, it can seriously worth it to embrace the boredom. It doesn’t mean to hate your life and try to be ok with it, but try to see all the incredible things that your relationship does offer you.  Spend quality time together even if it’s just hugging each other of the sofa or playing pranks on each other.

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