Knowing When To Quit
December 11, 2018
Claire Miles

Quitting is often considered a terrible thing. It’s seen as being weak, lazy, and as though we didn’t try hard enough or care enough about what we started.  But sometimes, we need to know when to quit.

Don’t quit because it’s hard, quit something because it’s not for you. It might be right for the person next to you, but for you, things might be exactly the same.  So learn to be the best possible quitter out there.

Quitting, sometimes, is the right thing to do. Sometimes, it’s even the only thing to do. Not everything we start needs to be finished. Somethings are better left behind, in order to allow us to start fresh, and take a new shot at truly finding our path to happiness.

If you hate your job, quit. If you see no progress in the job you’ve been in for years, and find no passion or appreciation for it, quit. It’s a whole lot easier than you believe to find something else that could excite you a whole lot more.

Quit making excuses for your life not being the way you’d like it be. Stop believing that you were meant to settle.  Don’t try to convince yourself that you are best off in such a way. Greatness comes from taking the most risks in life, no matter how scary they may be.

Quit your toxic relationship. Either the one your in, or the one that you don’t know whether or not you’re in even in. Take the time you need to heal, even if it means suffering. But end it, leave it, quit it.

Quit the friends that bring you down. The ones that don’t bring positive vibes into your life.  The ones that make you feel insecure. Quit all of the extra stress and weight they bring to your life.

Most of all, quit lying to yourself. Trust your instincts and your gut feeling. You know when it’s time to quit whatever it may be in life. Quitting is the answer.

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