Kylie Jenner Removed Her Lip Filler
July 19, 2018
Penelope Trent

We’re all completely shocked by Kylie Jenner’s recent change.  This makeup entrepreneur has seen so much success in her beauty line, due to the fact that she made a product that was based on on her most adored features – her lips.

A few years ago, Kylie had lip fillers put in, and her lips have become the most popular thing for the Kylie Lip Kit brand. However, to all of our surprise, the young mother has decided to get rid of her lip fillers, posting about it on social media.

The photo she posted on Instagram with her old friend had everyone very confused.  She however responded to a fan in a comment, revealing that she actually got rid of her filler.

Her lips might even have been more famous than Kylie herself, and the difference without them is highly noticeable.  In 2015, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she expressed that her reasons for doing it was insecurity about the way she looked at age 15.

It seems as though Jenner has gained a new perspective on life and on beauty since she’s become a mother. Perhaps it gave her a newfound confidence and showed her that she’s beautiful the way she is, no fillers needed.

Get it girl!  We’re all here supporting your decision.

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