Learning To Be A Taker
May 18, 2021
Claire Miles

Throughout most of my life, I have been a giver. I gave, and I gave, but couldn’t take in the same way – it has been this way since I can remember. In my friendships, relationships, and with my co-workers, I always gave more than I took. In my work, for instance, I continuously gave and sacrificed and didn’t receive the same. I wrote here in great detail about my experiences in my workplace since I started working there in September of last year. Even though I had misgivings about staying there, I gave it multiple chances. I stuck by my decision to work there and gave that place so much of myself. I would show up early in the morning and stay after my hours. I did everything they asked me to, even when it was illogical and required even extra from me. I always talk about taking back things that I am offered and entitled to as a part of my job but never actually follow through on that. Until now, that is.

Recently, for the second time in just less than two years, I was asked to change my department. Last time, it was a necessity, as my department was facing closure. This time,¬†however, it was for no apparent reason. I need to note that the main reason why I stayed in this workplace another year was my department. The people who I work with are the main, and sometimes the only, reason I carry on at my workplace. So, I finally stood up for myself. Last year, I didn’t get to use a few of my annual leave days. These are days that, as an employee there, I earned and deserve.

So, while my department was being temporarily shut down, I decided to do something for myself instead of just tagging along to everything they told me. I took some days off. Finally, I took back, and used something that I earned, deserved, and worked hard for. Giving is amazing, important, and necessary. However, we must make sure that we don’t do it at our own expense or in a way that will later hurt us and make us feel like a victim. Sometimes, it is also crucial and important to take back.

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