Leather Pants Are Making A Comeback
June 7, 2022
Claire Miles

Leather pants were all the rage in the early 60s and late 70s. Since then they have slowly phased out of fashion and with good reason. Leather pants haven’t always been the easiest thing to wear. But that’s not the only reason why leather pants left the fashion scene. Many people didn’t actually know how to style them. But with that said times have changed and you may have guessed it but leather pants have actually made their way back into fashion. That’s right, so if you are a lover of all things leather or well pleather then you are in luck.

To start, do you know the difference between leather and leather? Well if you don’t it is not a problem. Pleather is simply fake leather. This means that it is not made from any animals. So if you are a vegetarian or vegan then you will be pleased to know that you can still rock great leather pants. Now if you aren’t vegan then you can opt for genuine leather pants which are made from animal skin. Just before you go off and purchase your leather pants, you should know that there is a big price difference between leather and leather.

Getty Images/Moment/Iuliia Isaieva

Now on to the fashion part of leather pants. Knowing to style your leather pants is an essential part of pulling them off. When it comes to leather pants all you need to remember is that they are just like any other pants you may wear. They are simply made of a different material. Now with that said, you can pair them with heels, flats, or even sneakers. You can also pair your leather pants with a variety of different t-shirts and tops. When styling your leather pants you can really go really fancy or really simple. It is all up to you.

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