Leaving The Past Behind
June 23, 2019
Laura Lee

Leaving your past behind is never easy. Getting over your emotional precipitation is difficult, but is very much possible. How can you leave big parts of your upbringing behind? It is forever a part of you. The only thing you can do is know how to live with them, to learn and grow from them, use them to your advantage. So, how can you do it?

When talking about a relationship, there are a few things that can help. Being in a healthy and secure relationship can help keep your past in the past. When you feel safe with the other person, when your relationship is built on the foundation of trust, you are more capable of putting the past aside. You are more likely to focus on the present and the bright future ahead. Use your past! Use your past mistakes and relationships to learn and grow. Using past relationships can help you come to an understanding of your likes and dislikes, of your wishes, of what you want and looking for.

Talk to someone. Whether it’s a close friend, a family member, or a professional, it’s important and liberating to speak with someone. Opening up about your history, putting it out there in the universe, gives you space to breathe. In addition, it can help you see things from a different perspective, and get a fuller picture. Speaking to someone can help you understand the roots of your troubles. By doing this, you’re able to grow and learn. It can help you avoid making the same mistake again.

Choose those close to you carefully. Don’t feel bad about pushing toxic people away from your life. If being around a certain person harms and hurts you, stay away. Ending toxic relationships is sure to give you more inner peace and relief. Sometimes, we don’t know how much a certain thing is harmful to us until it’s gone.

Be sure to put your history out in the open. Confide with someone close to you or a professional. Make sure you are in a healthy place emotionally and surround yourself with people that are good for you. Learn from your mistakes, it will lead to growth and blossoming.

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