Let Go of Being Right All The Time
February 12, 2020
Claire Miles

As I shared with you a few months ago, I started working at a new job around September. I also shared with you recently that I’ve been struggling there lately. I feel as if I am not accepted by my co-workers, and as if they are constantly telling me how to do my job. It was extremely hard for me until I came to mind changing realization. I don’t always have to be right.

It drove me crazy when my colleagues told me how to do my job. I constantly wanted to prove that I knew better, that my choices were the right ones. I became guarded, defending every decision I made to them. I lost confidence in myself and my craft; I let them affect me and shake my whole system.

I became more and more frustrated. Coming to work was a serious struggle. However, after a few weeks of dealing with these feelings, I came to an understanding with myself. I started to realize that I need to let go of that outlook, according to which I always have to be right. Not every comment my co-worker makes is a call for battle.

See, I understood that in a new workplace, my colleagues are also worried like me. I am new to them as they are new to me, and it is going to be a while before we all are comfortable and understand each other. I know that my co-workers respect me and my job, as I do theirs. I don’t have to put my guards up and defend my work when they comment. I need to let go of the need to be right all the time because sometimes it’s best letting it slide.

I want you to understand that this is not only limited to your work life. It can also be very beneficial in your private life, in your relationship. Sometimes, we have to accept that there are things beyond our control. We need to let go of the need to win, to be right. We have to trust that the people we are facing, whether colleagues or partners, know our worth and respect us. We have to trust that when we know our worth, others see it too. You know who you are, don’t let the need of being right change that.

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