Let Go of Salt and Sugar
May 10, 2023
Rebecca Rodriguez

Do you enjoy salty or sweet things? After all, who doesn’t right? There are so many great tasting things that are either salty or sweet and sometimes it is both. Now even though these things taste great, you should know that too much of them can be a bad thing. There are a number of side effects to enjoying things that are salty and things that are sweet. With that said, everything can be enjoyed in moderation though. But sometimes you need to let go of the salt and the sugar. With that said, we know this is much easier said than done but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Claudia Totir

We understand that removing salt and sugar from your diet in one go can be very difficult. When it comes to removing salt and sugar from your diet it is best to start off small. So where do you start? Well, let’s take a look at your first meal of the day, breakfast. You may not know this but your breakfast contains lots of sugar and salt. There is sugar in the coffee or tea you drink and there is also sugar in the cereal you eat. If you prefer a warm breakfast, you will notice that you salt your egg for example.

You can try to do one less sugar to your hot beverage. You can also try to avoid adding sugar to your cereal. With that said, removing salt and sugar from your diet simply means making small changes. Now we know that this will take some getting used to but you will also start to see the great benefits. Although sugar gives you energy, it also makes you really tired. Removing some of it from your diet will give you back the energy you need. Remember there are also sugar and salt-free alternatives that you can enjoy.

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