Let Your Feelings Out
April 28, 2021
Claire Miles

For many years, I held back some of my feelings as I thought it would be easier. I thought it would make me more likable and would help me avoid conflicts and other issues. I repressed an enormous part of myself to please others and avoid any possible drama. What I didn’t realize at the time was that by holding back my feelings, I was holding back my authentic self. The main emotion I held back ad kept hidden was my anger.

via Pexels

Anger is often regarded as an aggressive emotion. When we picture someone getting angry, we picture them like a flame, like something that is about to lose control. Yes, anger can often be an aggressive emotion. However, it doesn’t mean our anger is disposable and not important. Like any other emotion, we must express our anger – we have to give it an outlet. See, the other day at work, I felt just how important that is. As I mentioned, I struggled with letting out my feelings throughout my life, and especially my anger. I didn’t want other people to be angry with me, so I didn’t show them my anger. I thought that it would make it easier on both sides, but I was wrong.

So, the other day at work, I had informed everyone that I was in a hurry and needed to go out early, and yet, I was asked to do all these additional things just as I was about to leave. I was angry with everyone for delaying things to the last minute and for not respecting my time. But, instead of getting angry and standing up for myself, I kept my anger inside. Eventually, when I couldn’t keep it in anymore, I let it out, not on the people who I angry at, but myself. See, our feelings must find an outlet. We cannot hoard our emotions in, or eventually, they’ll burst out of us uncontrollably. We have to let our feelings out, to be honest with ourselves and others. If we won’t say what we are feeling, how can we expect others to know?

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