Let Yourself Be Happy
March 17, 2019
Claire Miles

The time has come once and for all, that you allow yourself to be happy. The time has come to let go of it all, and of everyone that doesn’t add to your life.  Say your sweet last goodbyes to all of the things around you that do not feed your soul and bring you up to the clouds.

The time has come to allow yourself to feel the best you can possibly feel, and to do all of things that will make you feel your absolute best, completely guilt free, once and for all. The time has come to put yourself first, and to think about all of your needs that have been screaming to be met.

It’s time to make the time for the things that are meant to be in your life, and to rid yourself of all negative thoughts, in order to allow the more uplifting ones in. It’s time to forget about all of the dangerous behaviors and patterns you’ve gotten yourself into, and to stop pushing your own happiness off.

Happiness needs to stop being something of the past and perhaps of the future. It needs to be a constant state, as it has no boundaries.  Allow yourself to feel all the pain, and to find a sense of peace and joy in that. You deserve it.

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