Letting Go of The Things That Aren’t Meant For Us
March 1, 2020
Alexandra Wade

Why are we holding on tightest to the things that aren’t for us? Why do we insist on clinging on to the things that make us feel dead on the inside? Might it be that we hold on to those things because deep down we know they aren’t ours? Because of our need to achieve what we can’t have?

It is the things that aren’t meant for us that we hold on to the longest. We believe that there is some reason why these things are present in our lives; we are looking for a reason. We know that if we stop thinking about it, it would be over. It only exists in our minds, it isn’t concrete, holding on to it is the only thing keeping these things alive.

I’ve been there with some of my previous relationships. I’ve been in a few toxic relationships in my past. I wanted to believe these relationships existed for a reason; that even though it’s hard at the moment, it will get better soon. In my head, I saw things differently than they were. I held on because I was afraid to admit that yet another relationship of mine failed.

But although it is what’s best for us, letting go is never easy. If we take relationships as an example, letting go is permitting people to walk out on us, to declare they don’t love us anymore, to leave our lives. Letting go is admitting that something has come to an end. We hold on to the idea of the relationship, that we fail to see the reality.

Things that aren’t for us require a lot of energy and work on our end. The best things in life, on the other hand, are never forced, they don’t require us to think about them for long. The things that suit us are joyful and beautiful; the things that suit us are the things we don’t have┬áto hold on tightly to make happen.

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