Letting Go of Toxic People
October 3, 2021
Claire Miles

There comes a moment in life when you realize that you have to cut ties with someone you once loved. That realization can stem from various reasons, whether it’s that this person isn’t so great or simply a change in direction. Sometimes, however, it’s the realization that this person in our life is downright toxic. While everyone has a rough patch here and there, the relationships in our lives should add to them in positive and meaningful ways. Not all of them are, though, and sometimes, we will find ourselves entangled with someone who takes from our experience more than they add to it.

So, how do you identify the toxic people in your life? Toxic people are people in our lives that do more harm than good. Learning how to identify these individuals in our lives allows us to protect ourselves from the consequences of their actions. Sign number one – toxic people are drawn to drama. Drama gets them sympathy and attention, and it allows them to manipulate the emotions of people around them. Another sign is a self-centered nature. Thinking and caring for yourself is one thing, but thinking of only yourself is another. Toxic people are obsessed with themselves and think only of their feelings and opinions, showing little to no concern for others.

via Pexels

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