Life Is Messy, But Perfect
January 7, 2019
Laura Lee

Sometimes, we wake up in the morning and everything feels perfectly right and calm. We can see things clearly, and the world feels as though it’s all ours.  We feel like dancing on top of the moon and our we feel an overwhelming sense of joy running through every inch or our body.

And then on other days? You will have a much harder time seeing all of this beauty, and your bed will seem like the only safe place to possibly be at this time.  There will be days where your entire body feels like it’s about to fall apart. But is a good thing, don’t forget that.

It makes you even more grateful for your ability to love, to feel, and to be alive. You may feel like you’ve got nothing more inside of you to give to the world, that you’ve lost everything, but that’s life and something that we simply cannot control.  On most days, nothing will make sense. But that’s also exactly the point.

Life is a complete mess, and that’s exactly what makes it so perfect in it’s own way. Embrace it all.

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