Life Isn’t A Competition
June 1, 2019
Laura Lee

Perhaps you have an unfortunate tendency to always be falling for the wrong people. Perhaps you even spent far too many years of your precious life in a relationship that was toxic for your well being.

Perhaps you believed that you would never find anything better, and that respect and love was not something that you truly deserved.

Then you enter a healthy relationship once and for all, and you’re so proud of where you’ve gotten. While all of this is wonderful, if you are constantly comparing yourself to others, then regardless of what you have, you will never truly be happy in the way that you deserve and that you’ve worked to get to.

Perhaps you are even upset that although you found a great loving partner, that it took you longer than your peers, or even upset at the pace that it’s moving, expecting to be engaged already like the rest of your friends. Comparing yourself to others can take away from your own successes, and that’s not ok, and is not fair to yourself.

Life is not a competition, and you treat it as one, you won’t only be hurting yourself, but also those around you. Your friends and family when your support when something big and exciting happens in their lives, and they want you to be able to share that excitement with them and support them, without making them feel bad about it.

Your friends want to be supported in the same way that you do, and if you look at everything as a competition, then that you won’t be possible. Everyone is different, everyone has a different time and place that is right for them.

Let life happen, and trust yourself.

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