Life Live To The Fullest Without Regrets
November 15, 2021
Alexandra Wade

Sometimes in life, there are things that we have to do, even if we don’t want to, and even if they are out of our comfort zone. These are the things we need to do in order to live life to the fullest, and with the least regrets.  We need to start to do more things on our own in order to really get to know ourselves and know what we really want in life. If we are always surrounded by others, how can we really ever discover ourselves? We also need to start to accept the fact that we can’t and won’t always be right, and that’s ok.  Swallow your pride, put your ego aside, and allow yourself to admit to your faults.  Owning up to your mistakes is a much better look than trying to hide it. 

Ask yourself the questions that you don’t always want the answer to. It’s vital for your personal growth. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is too short, too precious, and there’s enough to stress about as it is. Some things don’t add anything to our life but drama. Shift your focus to what’s truly important in life. Take all those negative, pent up emotions, and use it towards something constructive for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to take those risks. If not now, then when really?  Whatever failure you may experience, there’s always a chance to make a comeback and fix things. 

Getty Images/Moment/F.J. Jimenez

Think ahead. Don’t go and waste all your money on useless things. You can still enjoy life without being thoughtless.  Read more. Feed your mind with the knowledge and creativity it’s craving.  Give it the new perspective it needs. Practice listening. Put your phone aside, turn off the TV, and really listen to what others are saying to you. You know how incredible it feels when someone else truly listens to you.  Worry less about materialistic things, and focus more on obtaining more moments, because those are the real treasures in life. Those experiences will last a lifetime in your heart, a trinket won’t. 

Don’t waste your weekends being hungover. It can be fun here and there but value your time and your life enough to want to make the most of it. You can still have fun with your friends without overdoing it and ruining your entire weekend. Be productive, set goals, and deadlines for yourself to achieve those goals. Start every morning right. Set yourself a routine that you can look forward to.  Always be honest not just with others, but with yourself too, even when it doesn’t come easily.  Honesty will always take you far, and falling along the way is completely normal. Step out of your comfort zone, and allow yourself to live life to the absolute fullest. No regrets. 

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