Lili Opens Up About Her Acne Struggles
May 4, 2018
Laura Lee

We imagine celebrities and influencers who have the most perfect, clear and smooth skin on camera as people who could never possibly have struggled with acne. Well, truth be told, that’s exactly the dangers of photoshop, editing, airbrushing and portraying false truths. Thanks to Lili Reinhart’s acne posts that she’s been uploading to her Instagram stories, she’s been breaking this belief, proving that acne affects even those we would never think.

She’s shared with the public that she’s struggled with cystic acne ever since she was a young girl and that she’s dealt with low self-esteem issues for as long as she can remember.  Even when on camera today she’s got acne all over her forehead, but none of us see it.

Getty Images/ WireImage/ Steve Granitz

Can you believe that this is coming from Lili Reinhart, the Riverdale girl with the complexion we would all kill for? Well, you are most certainly not alone.  She admits that she feels as though she will never be able to accept her skin for what it’s like, but she hopes to one day still feel beautiful no matter what her skin looks like.

These honest posts that she’s been sharing should inspire us all to understand that perfection doesn’t exist, even in Hollywood.  Young women should continue to understand that these beauty standards are not realistic. So please, just starting loving yourself and appreciating you for your beauty.

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