Looking Back at 2021 Fashion Trends
December 22, 2021
Rebecca Rodriguez

What a year it’s been, and who thought we would have made it to the other side in one piece? 2021 was a whirlwind year with the pandemic, but the fashion industry could not be stopped. With the public’s safety being everyone’s top priority, this year many fashion brands created and released fashion films. The concept of virtual models was introduced and became increasingly popular too. So let’s take a look back at some of the hottest fashion trends of 2021.

In order to stay safe, wearing masks became an essential part of our life. This new item of clothing soon became a fashion statement. Sleek black masks are highly favorable because they go with almost any outfit. In order to stay fashionable with these new items in our wardrobe, politicians and celebrities alike were seen adopting monochrome outfits and masks. A photo of Joe Biden’s three granddaughters all wearing synchronized outfits, masks included, went viral at the inauguration.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Edward Berthelot

Pastel tones were very popular this year. These sorbet-inspired summer tones were seen in winter-friendly clothing too, like oversized trench coats and boilersuits. These shades also gave the bucket hat a retro makeover. And when paired with complementary colors, they give an overall incredible look. Headscarves also made a comeback, with silky intricate designs adding a touch of elegance. Another accessory that made a strong appearance was branded totes; everyone had one, and people were using them to make a statement.

After acclimating to lockdowns and isolation, loungewear became extremely popular in 2020. Returning back to routine in 2021 provided an opportunity for fancy loungewear, with many celebrities taking to the red carpet in ‘loungewear chic’ rather than gowns. We became accustomed to our ‘at home’ baggy clothing, and so the androgynous style came back too. With oversized suits and vests over shirts, or unisex T-shirts and wide-leg jeans. In 2021, we made fashion comfortable.

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