Looking For Love In The Wrong Places
May 10, 2018
Claire Miles

So you think you’re ready to enter a serious relationship? Fair enough. But you don’t feel like you’ve had the best luck meeting quality people lately? Well, you might very well be looking for love in all of the wrong places.

It might feel like you’re doing everything possible and everything right, but there are many factors that perhaps you are not taking into consideration.  Even if you go out often with your friends, it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to places where you’ll find people also looking for a relationship.

Finding someone (most of the time), requires effort, planning, and an openness to try new things.   Having well-thought-out plans is crucial, such as having a plan for where you’re going to go for holiday weekends or events. They are the perfect opportunity to meet other singles.

One of the biggest mistakes when looking for a relationship is expecting to meet people at bars or even at a wedding or singles vacation. The long-distance factors can cause a problem.  It takes more than just a few hours to find something to really connect with. People at bars usually do not have the same serious goals that you do. A much better option is to join a group, sports team or take a class. You’ll be surrounded by the same people on a regular basis.

It’s also important to know that results are not always immediate. With patience comes good things, and you shouldn’t give up so quickly.  The goal is to keep increasing your social circle and increasing your chances of meeting new people. Make sure that you’re not always sticking to the same spot because you’ll find yourself in a rut.

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