Love Is A Partnership
December 16, 2019
Ariella Jacobs

Like I’ve disclosed before, I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships. Today, I am going to share another one of them with you. When I was in my twenties, I started meeting a guy I met through mutual friends. After a couple of dates, we embarked on a relationship, and at first, things seemed to have been going great. However, soon enough, it changed.

See, this guy wasn’t as mature as you would expect a twenty-year-old to be. Though he already finished college and had a degree in his hand, he didn’t work. Being raised in a wealthy home, my ex wasn’t independent and was spoiled. He always had everything handed to him on a silver platter and failed to grasp the reality of working for your money.

At first, I tried to move past it. I tried to convince myself that it is a phase or that I got the wrong impression of him. Despite not working, he continued to live as he used to at his parents’ house. Understandably, I couldn’t support his squandering while also taking care of myself and my daughter.

We lasted for a few months until I finally broke down. At a certain point in time, we considered moving in together. Because he didn’t work, and his parents didn’t wish to send him money anymore, I had to take full responsibility. This broke me down. There was no way I could have managed that, especially considering I had to take care of my child as well.

As a result, we called it quits soon after that. I tried talking to him about this matter many times. I tried telling him he has to work, make his own money, and save it. Don’t get me wrong – the break-up was still painful, it’s never easy. It also taught me a lot, as I learned that relationships are a partnership. That both sides have to be all in, and work and provide, to help at home.

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