Love Is Not Always Convenient
February 10, 2019
Jade Kerr

Many of us unfortunately have a misconception of what love is and isn’t. We are so set on having everything in our lives be perfect, and as soon as something goes slightly wrong, we tend to freak out and want to leave.

Of course some relationships are not meant to be. However, sometimes the real problem lies in a lack of dedication and effort to the relationship, rather than the relationship itself.  Because, truth be told, love is not always convenient.

It’s not always going to be an exciting physical relationship like we see in the movies. It’s not always going to be beautiful love letters, and it won’t always be appealing or attractive. It’s not always going to be about date night and feeling like you can fly. Simply put, it’s not always convenient.

Love is about being there even when you feel like you’re too tired. It’s about asking your partner how their day was, and always showing appreciation for them no matter what you’re going through at the moment. Love is seeing outside of yourself and understanding the bigger picture.

Love is completely selfless and love is about communication, even when the words hurt. Love has to do with our own willingness to commit and less to do with certain moments that fade. Love is about knowing that it’s not always the most convenient, yet still wanting it no matter what.

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