Love Is What Keeps Us Alive
October 1, 2019
Ariella Jacobs

Life is a pretty crazy place. So is love. Perhaps love is actually what makes life so crazy. Without love, where would we even be really? What would even be driving us in life?

We all search for love our entire lives, whether we know it or not. From the moment we’re born, we yearn for love and attention from our mother. 

Everything we do is an attempt to receive love wherever we can get it. Any kind of love, and to no limits. 

Once we grow up, we’re still always looking to be loved by everyone around us, and especially to find that special person to share our lives with and experience that thing called love.

It’s what motivates us to wake up every morning, to do our best, to impress those around us, to look good, to always be improving ourselves. Think about it. 

Without love – where would you be and what would you be doing?  

We don’t usually think about it, but love is truly the driving force behind this crazy thing called life. We all just want to be loved, and to love. So perhaps as frustrating as this search may be to find the one for us, maybe that’s exactly what we need to keep going everyday. After all, life isn’t about the destination, but rather the journey.

Even those of us who have found love in a romantic relationship are constantly seeking to preserve it, to appreciate it and to hold onto it as tightly as possible.

Love is what keeps us alive.

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