Love Like You’re Never Apart
October 29, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Even though you’re far away and we’re long distance, I want you to be mine. I have never and never will regret choosing to be with you. You are my partner, my soul mate, and that will never change.

When I first fell for you, I knew what I was about to get myself into, but I never knew it would be this hard. It’s not easy, not easy at all. But maybe, after time, I will grow to get used to it, to accept it, and it will become easier.

We live on different sides of the country. I wish I could see you everyday, wake up to your smile every morning, and kiss you goodnight. It breaks my heart to not be able to do these basic things with you. But I know that we are strong enough to get through this, through anything.

I wish I was wealthy enough to fly to you all the time, but until life brings us closer together, I can only do my best. So until I see you again, we must love each other like we’re never ever apart.

I will always text you every day, every few hours, because our words right now are the most powerful.  All those sweet messages bring us closer together.  I will love you forever and always, and I know that we are both committed to each other. We’re ready to conquer the world together no matter what it throws at us.

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