Love When You’re Ready
November 27, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Often times, we look for love because we are afraid to be left alone. We look for places to go, even if we know they may be unhealthy to our soul just to avoid that feeling of loneliness. We try to force connections, even if we know we won’t be the happiest there. We try to convince ourselves, and do everything we can, just to avoid being alone.

We try to shake ourselves out of it, to change our thoughts, to shut our heart out, and tell ourselves that we feel differently than we do. That we’re over our ex. We hope and pray that no one will hear, see, or feel our tears and the pain that we’re truly feeling. We try to prove to the world that were strong.

We don’t want anyone to ever think that we’re weak. But you know what? There’s no time line or restrictions as to how long you can take to fix your broken heart. You are allowed to hurt and feel sad. Take as long as need. Don’t force yourself to rush through the process.

There’s no expiration date on your heart.  Getting over someone that was a big part of your life is no easy process. It means building your life over from the start.  Feeling lonely causes us to think irrational things. We start to feel lust for those around us, and get overly excited towards anyone that looks our way.

But truth be told, lust is super needy, and isn’t real. After you break up with someone, it’s important to be alone.  Before you enter a new relationship, you need that you time in order to be ready for another round. You need to be alright with being alone before you can be with someone else.

Find strength in who you are, and understand that it’s better to be alone than it is to be with the wrong person.

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