Magical Mermaid Tails
March 20, 2018
Penelope Trent

Those who swam as children mostly think of swimming pools as associated with Marco Polo, and most importantly with pretending to be a mermaid. Nowadays though? We mostly think of swimming merely with doing laps for a workout.  But if you miss the good old days of believing you were Ariel, you can now throw it back.

There’s a new mermaid tail for adults that will actually turn you into a sea goddess.  On the Fin Fun Mermaid website, they’ve got an entire selection of mermaid tails that comes in all sizes.  They come in a variety of bright colors and are limited edition, so get it on.

Getty Images/ News/ Jack Taylor

You can even get a matching bikini top or bottom to go with your mermaid tail. Once again, you can relive the times when you felt the water rushing through your hair and kicked back your legs, feeling like the princess of the sea. And now, with a mermaid tail, you can really be the sea creature you’ve always dreamed of being.

According to the website, for a mermaid, her tail is her pride and joy. Each mermaid tail is designed to help you get across the deep sea (or your backyard pool) just like Ariel and all the other famous Disney mermaids did.

Can’t handle all the cuteness.

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