Maintaining A Healthy Life At Work
July 11, 2022
Jade Kerr

Workplaces can be difficult places to live through. You often see people suffering from various health issues by the time they reach their retirement, and you can’t blame this entirely on their age. Most people retire by the age of sixty or sixty-five. Sure, these pages can’t be called the prime of your life, but they are surely not old enough to be suffering from the problems that they do. A lot depends on the lifestyle and the little things that you might think are not significant enough to matter.

Since a huge portion of your life is spent at work, your lifestyle at work is especially significant: The way you sit, the kind of device you use, your eating habits, and how you spend your weekends are all examples of things that will determine how healthy you are going to be when you start entering your golden years. The most important part of self-care would be your posture when you sit at your desk. Make sure you maintain a ninety-degree angle between your back and thighs and that your laptop is placed on an elevated surface, so you do not have to look too far down or have to bend your neck when using your keyboard. Next, you need to make sure you use the blue light filter on your device.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Morsa Images

If your device does not have that option, then you could consider changing your device, purchasing a special screen protector that adds a layer to filter out excessive rays, or even just using eyeglasses that serve the same function. Aside from the things directly related to your job, working in a corporate environment can require long hours outside your home. During these hours you must take occasional breaks where you do as little as taking a one-minute stroll inside your office. You also need to be sure that if these long hours require you to eat out a lot, then you watch what you eat. Pack your lunch or buy a salad to keep a healthy diet, and you should be much better off by the time of your retirement.

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