Making It Harder To Stay
September 14, 2020
Jade Kerr

We had a turbulent relationship when we were both young. At a certain point, after a while together, I finally had enough and ended it. The way I saw it, we were in the past, and I started moving forward. So, here I was, about five months after the end of our relationship, in the early stages of a new one. In my new relationship, things went smoothly. From the get-go, we had a great connection and love, and I was pleased with the direction in which it was headed. However, then, out of the blue, you came back around and disrupted everything.

via Pexels

Without warning, I received a text from you saying that you regret how we ended things and wanted to reconnect. I can’t explain my reaction. Despite loving my new partner, there was something¬†about you that managed to shake everything I thought to be true. I was drawn to you in a way that I never felt before, and I must admit that after getting your message, I had serious thoughts of walking away from this relationship almost instantly. I agreed to meet with you, but after much thought, told you straight away that we can only be friends. Unfourtenetly that didn’t solve it.

Still, the things you said and your actions made me question my decision to leave the relationship back then as well as question my new relationship. All f a sudden, you were so sweet and thoughtful, said all the right things, and showed me a much better side of yourself. I couldn’t be thinking of you while I was my new partner, and I honestly thought that even a smile from you could make me walk away from my relationship. You surprisingly started to grow on me. However, then I forced myself to remember why I left you in the first place, and I am at complete peace with my decision.

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