Making Memories Together
October 18, 2022
Jade Kerr

Do you know what being in love looks like? The truth is that no one really does. Love is something that can’t really be explained and it can’t really be framed. This is because every love story is different. Every couple is different. Therefore love will always look and feel different. But do you know what every love story has in common? Every great love story is about building a life with someone and creating memories with that special person. That’s right, at the base of every relationship lie memories that will last you a lifetime. So how do you go about making those memories?

You may not know this but couples are only as strong as the memories they share. This is because memories help create a bond that adds to the love you already have. Did you know that as a couple, you have your first memory of the day you met your partner? For both of you, that moment felt magical and like everything in the world was perfect. So there you have it, your very first memory as a couple. Now as you continue your relationship, you will build more and more memories. This includes date nights, events, anniversaries, and even birthdays.

Getty Images/Westend61

However, that’s not all. You will also create memories by simply being together. Yes, that’s right. You build memories on so many things when you are in a relationship. Now you should know that even though the good times make for amazing memories, the bad times do make memories too. When something bad happens in a relationship, you may brush it off as soon as you and your partner resolve the issue. But what you don’t know is that those bad moments also make for memories. How you choose to deal with the bad memories is totally up to you.

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