Making Nail Polish Dry Faster
August 21, 2020
Penelope Trent

Any girl who has mastered the art of applying nail polish, and has reached a perfect anointing with all the fingers of both hands, knows that the last part – drying it – is not less critical than the other stages in the process. The whole operation depends on our ability to be patient and let the nails dry without interruption, which is a hard thing for many. Liang, a successful New York manicurist, knows up close how hard it is for his clients to wait without checking phone alerts, or moving hands through hair. So, in an interview with InStyle, Liang shared with the magazine some tips and tricks that will speed up the drying process and ensure the perfect manicure.

The first trick Liang shared with the magazine, was to use a hairdryer for your nail polish. The cool-shot button on your dryer can do more than seal your hair’s cuticles, says the magazine. Liang said: “It’s probably the most effective way to dry nails fast.” The manicurist explained that the hot air actually prevents polish from hardening. Hold your dryer about six feet away from your nails for about a minute, and then gently tap nails to gauge if they’re still tacky.

The second trick was to immerse your nails in cold water. Now that we know cold air helps polish harden, employ the same cool principle with water. Liang said that you should dunk your nails in a bowl of cold water for about two minutes to dry the polish and go on with your day as usual. The third trick Liang shared was to try quick-dry drops. After giving your nails about two minutes to dry off, apply one to two drops of dry drops to each nail, and you are all set! When using the drops, make sure to tip your hands so the formula covers the entire nail. Within five minutes, you’ll have a rock hard mani that won’t smudge.

The fourth tip the NY manicurist shared was to invest in buying quick-dry nail polish. Sometimes it is beneficial to buy expensive and invest in quick-dry nail polish and therefore avoiding failed attempts and accidents. So, if you can’t get your hands on any drops, switch your usual top coat for a quick-dry version. The fifth and last trick Liang shared was to use oil. Get some baby oil, or even cooking spray, and apply a layer of oil on top of your nails. In about a minute or two, you should have a dry finish. How does it work? The oil soaks into the polish and thinning out the paint. Once you see it starting to bead a the top of your nail, you can gently (and safely) wipe it off with a tissue.

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