Making Plans In A Big Group
April 1, 2018
Claire Miles

Summer is right around the corner, the weather is getting warmer and you and your best girls want to do is a trip or doing something exciting over the weekend.  If you’ve all got work, then you’ll likely meet for weekly happy hours. But truth be told, we all know that it’s really not that easy. Making plans with a big friend group is a serious struggle.

Although we all really do mean well when making plans, it’s always so much more complicated than simply picking a place and time.  There are so many schedules and different factors to coordinate. We try to keep up with the live updates in the group chat, but even after looking away for a mere second we’ve already got hundreds of unread messages.

Making plans usually happens in a series of stages.  First, someone initiates, with a message saying she just saw an incredible Instagram picture of this new restaurant, and that we all have to go asap. You see the message and start thinking of when would work, but you figure you’ll wait and see what the others have to say.

Then, of course, no one answers, because they think just like you.  But then? The group chat blows up after a few hours with everyone throwing in how they feel about the restaurant, what they would rather do, that they are super broke and can’t afford anything, that these days work for them, but not these times, and these days don’t work for them, but if it works for everyone else and they go out without them then they will kill them (or find a way to make it).

But then there’s always that friend that once you make a plan decides to change everything because they are super hungry and want something closer, earlier, or bigger. Then the debate starts all over again.

And of course there’s always that one that made the most chaos that ends up canceling at the last minute, and you’re all super angry.  In the end, though, you have a super memorable night and already start planning the next outing.

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