Making Time In Your Schedule to Slow Down Regularly
March 20, 2023
Rebecca Rodriguez

In today’s busy world, we move fast everyday to accomplish all of our goals. Amidst this, we forget to slow down, take a break, and rest, before we continue again, which can have adverse effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Because of this, we must intentionally set aside time to prioritize these aspects of our life by doing something that can help us relax. There are many ways of doing this in your life.

One way is to find an activity where you don’t have to actively try and focus on anything and can function off of muscle memory, such as going for a walk, crocheting, etc. This can be very helpful to those who like to stay occupied most of their day, as it allows their minds to wander wherever it wants to.

Getty Images/Moment/ Oleg Breslavtsev

Further, setting aside time where you don’t do anything is another option. Here, you’d be trying to entirely focus on meditating and reflecting on your day and life with an intent to do specifically that. If it is easy for you to get distracted and spiral down negative thought patterns, there are techniques to maintain your attention on a singular thought stream, like using a meditation video to guide you.

Lastly, it can help to do something that can really get you in the flow. This can be dancing, listening to music, or reading, anything that you enjoy or maybe consider a hobby. Once you do that activity and enter a happier zone, it can feel easier to sit down and reflect on anything happening in your life. Slowing down is a better experience when you are in a more joyful state, so it is ideal to do it when you can have a positive outlook on things. In this way, slowing down can be a mentally and emotionally productive part of your routine.

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