Mango-ing Should Be The New Trend
April 2, 2018
Alexandra Wade

To be completely honest, today’s dating world is actually pretty darn scary. Some people find dating to be fun, while others would classify is as far from fun.  Here’s what dating looks like today (summed up).

We swipe until we can’t swipe anymore. Whatsup with this? We’re all going to get carpal tunnel syndrome before we fall in love. And while so busy always swiping left, we often miss swiping right for some really cute ones. Then they are sent right back to the lost algorithm and will never find their way back to me.

Then there’s, of course, cyberstalking, which can be legit seen as a full-time job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a paycheck though.  With social media, we’re now able to track down our dates and their every move. Who goes on a date nowadays without doing a background check prior?


Oh, and how could we forget ghosting? A classic favorite. There really is nothing more evil. Why can’t men just have the respect to women that they just aren’t interested? So cowardly.

And have you heard of breadcrumbing? It’s sending all those texts like Thinking of you, Miss you. Well, as much as words are cute, new flash, actions speak so much louder than words.  Last but not least, is love bombing.

This is when we fall hard and fast for someone that has promised to give us everything, and then totally disappointed us.

But what about mango-ing?  Imagine if you have one, simple, sweet word that could make all of your dating worries go away. Mango: it’s a mouthwatering and juicy fruit that’s perfect on a hot summer day.

Or really any word works that you feel like using when you feel like there’s no future with this person. It’s like an unspoken, dating, safe word, that will not offend the other person (not too much at least).  Let’s not lose faith in dating, we just need to find better ways to do it.

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