Meeting Strangers
November 5, 2022
Ariella Jacobs

Ever since you were a child, you have probably been warned to be wary of strangers. You might have heard horror stories about how talking to strangers or trusting them can lead to boatloads of trouble and you might have to face severe consequences because of your naïveté trusting. Of course, these things are important to teach a child because the social structure in society is filled with dangerous horrors that children need protection from. However, there comes an age where you need to forget these lessons and begin to be more relaxed in your conversations with strangers.

The fact of the world is that everyone is a stranger at one point. Sure, you meet some people in school, college, or at work, and that leaves some familiarity with them but even meeting people on the subway or in the bar can lead to amazing friendships that can last for years. At a certain time in life, you need to know that you can trust people to some extent. Of course, that does not mean that you give your bank account number to the man you just met but sharing an uber pool or doing small things like that might not be something to be afraid of.

When you think about some of your closest friends and realize how much your bond has developed over the years from being complete strangers to knowing everything about each other, you realize that meeting and trusting strangers can be a beautiful thing and it can develop into everything you can ever ask for from companionship to friendship, and even to love. Of course, it goes without saying that trusting strangers has its risks and you should never trust someone blindly but if you take things slow, develop trust, understand each other, and then bond then that can be the start of a lovely bond.

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