Mother’s Day While Social Distancing
May 5, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

This Sunday, we are all going to honor our moms and celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s safe to say that unlike in recent years, and due to the need to continue our physical distancing, this one is going to be different. However, there’s no need to worry! With a little creativity, there is no reason why this day wouldn’t be as special, if not more, than those of recent years. Here are some ideas for what you can do on mother’s Day while social distancing.


A mother reconnects with her family on Mother's Day via Zoom.

Getty Images/ News/ John Moore


My first suggestion to you seems rather simple but can still be a special moment – a video chat party. See, just because you can’t be there physically with our family, don’t you can’t all get together virtually. There are a few applications available for you to choose from, and Zoom may be the most popular one of the bunch. So, pick an app, set a time that suits everybody, and celebrate together.


A family brings their mother dinner to bed to celebrate Mother's Day.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Jose Luis Pelaez Inc


If you are a family that lives together, the following suggestion is for you. Make your mother breakfast in bed. This is a Mother’s Day classic, and nothing will ever change that. Let the kids choose the menu, help them prepare it, and then surprise mom by delivering it to her while she’s in bed.


A mother is getting a food delivery for Mother's Day.

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Another great option is to order a delivery to your mother, whether of groceries or meals. In this time of crisis, in which even the basics such as going to the store are more difficult, the former possibility is a great idea. Having your mom’s groceries paid and delivered is a sweet way to show her you are thinking of her. The latter is another Mother’s Day classic. Since you can’t go out with your mother for dinner in a nice restaurant, you can have some food delivered to her. Whether you live with your mom or not, these are viable options for you.


A mom and daughter having a spa day at home to celebrate Mother's Day.

Getty Images/ Cultura/ Dirk Lindner


Another great option is to have a spa day at home with your mother. While typically we would have sent our moms to the spa to get cared for, there are still ways to do that at home. You can set up your kids in pedicure manicure stations, place scented candles around, etc.


A woman looking at a slideshow made for Mother's Day.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Tanaphot Iamjaro


Another thing you can do this Mother’s Day is to create a slideshow of sentimental moments. If you can’t see your mother in person this Mother’s Day, take a trip down memory lane by creating a slideshow of some sentimental moments from the past. Creating and sending a slideshow to your mother is a perfect way to show her you are thinking of her and thank her for everything.


Kids visit their mother on Mother's Day through the window because of social distancing.

Getty Images/ News/ BSR Agency


The last option I will present to you is doing a window visit. We’ve all seen the images from recently in which family members visit their grandparents through a window. As long as you follow social distancing regulations, making a quick hello window visit to your mom is a sweet way to show love and caring. You can also leave a drawing, baked goods, etc., on the doorstep.

I hope you like these suggestions, but if you don’t, there are many other options. I hope you’ll have a great Mother’s Day!


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