People Left With Nothing But Their Sense Of Humor
April 6, 2020
Laura Lee

In life, tough situations are always going to come our way, whether we like it or not. But rather than crying about it and feeling sorry for ourselves, we can use humor and laugh about it. Because at the end of the day, if we have no control over the situation, we might as well embrace it and make the most of it. Here are some seriously impressive and inspiring people who had nothing left but their sense of humor, but really couldn’t possibly need anything more.


Pilot Pre-Boarding



This pilot is killing us all. Both from laughter and also from some slight fear too, of course. While he obviously has perfect vision since he’s about to fly a plane and take the lives of hundreds of people into his hands right now, it doesn’t mean that he can’t have a great sense of humor. Flying long hours can be seriously exhausting, and we’ve got to have some fun along the way, right?


Make Graduation Great Again



While there are no shortage of epic high school yearbook quotes out there, this one is definetely up there as one of the most hilarious and spot on ones yet. She’s totally nailed it, and has found the most perfect way to embrace her culture in a self-depreciating, sarcastic, yet still totally appropriate way. Get it girl.


Toilet Troubles



We’ve all been there. Don’t lie, it’s alright. But once you get to that point where there’s no more toilet paper left in sight, there’s really nothing you can do, and like what’s written here – it is indeed too late. Rather than stressing out over this unfortunate situation though, why not laugh about it though? It’s not like it will change anything anyway.


Affordable & Amazing



If you can’t yet quite figure out why this picture is so darn funny, well then just have a closer look! Basically it’s written ”All I could afford” but in hilarious and witty way.  While perhaps in the past we would look at this car without being too impressed, after he’s had us all laughing hysterically, this is the only car that will ever matter, and we love his honesty.