Moving On From Past Relationships
September 28, 2022
Claire Miles

Are you someone who still loves their ex-partner but is committed to a new person now? Do you love your present partner but can’t help thinking about your ex-partner? Lastly, do you stop yourself from messaging your ex-partner because you are committed to someone else now? If you said yes to all the questions, then you are in the right place. Getting into a relationship might be easy but it might not be easy to get out of. It’s easy to leave the person but it is not easy to move on in your life pretending nothing happened.

You can never unlove your ex-partner even if your relationship ended on a bad note. It’s worse if you wanted it to work out but it wasn’t possible due to several reasons. At one point, you need to realize that the two of you played your part and that relationships not working out is just an unfortunate part of life. After they leave your life, that’s when the real challenge starts. You start to live a life without their texts and calls. In some scenarios, you might meet someone new and start a serious relationship with the new person. That doesn’t mean you’ll forget the previous partner. You might think about them less with time but there will be times when you would want to text your ex-partner and talk to them as if nothing happened.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Tim Robberts

Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution to this issue; you need to let time play its due course and wait for yourself to be adjusted to the new normal. You will never stop loving your ex-partner, but your love for your present partner might start overshadowing the love you have for your ex-partner. You need to be grateful for all the times you got to spend with your ex-partner and the several happy memories that you made with them. Even if you wish them a happy life, you’d be playing some part in your ex-partner’s life and that is sufficient.

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