Must-have Workout Items
December 29, 2021
Laura Lee

The benefits of every great workout can be maximized to the fullest with the right items. We’re here to go over some basic items that are worth investing in to not only ensure you look after your body whilst working out, but also gain the most out of your session. Hydration is key, and we, therefore, recommend investing in a good water bottle. Refilling your own bottle is better for the environment than buying a new one each time, or using plastic cups.

Next up are your clothes. It’s most important that you wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Some types of workouts such as yoga or pilates will require looser clothing, to allow you to move without restrictions, while tightly fitted sportswear might be better suited for things like cycling or running. A well-fitted sports bra is a must! This will not only make sure you feel more comfortable while working out but are also much healthier for your body.

Getty Images/Moment/TravelCouples

Now that you have your body covered, it’s time to think about equipment. A good-quality yoga mat will last a long time and can act as a portable workout zone. This will be your base to help you get in the mindset and focus your energy on whatever sets you’ve planned for today. A timer or stopwatch will help you to keep track of things, which is always good if you’re building up towards a specific goal.

An adjustable workout step can be used as part of circuit training and to get a good cardio blast. It can be neatly tucked away along with a resistance band and a jump rope. Both of these are practical and easy to use and contribute to cardio as well as resistance training. For strength training, you’ll need to have a good set of dumbbells or a medicine ball. And finally, put together your ultimate playlist to help keep you motivated as when those beads of sweat start appearing.

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