My Dad Left Me
May 1, 2018
Alexandra Wade

If you ask me, there really isn’t anything worse than your parent abandoning you. Yeah, they didn’t die, they’re still around, thankfully, but they actually made the choice to leave you, to not be with you. So tell me, what’s worse, really?

They leave their child left with the feeling of being completely unwanted, and unworthy. They make us feel like we did something wrong and that we didn’t deserve their love, and that we will never be worthy of being loved. It’s the biggest stab in the heart the possible, and sticks forever.

We try to believe that it’s not personal and that they still love us, but we can’t seem to grasp our heads around it and understand how our parent could do such a thing to us, and how it could not affect them. Did our whole childhood and all those memories mean nothing? Did I do something wrong?

We’re left with one parent, who has given us and done everything for us, but we still feel angry at them for letting such a thing happen. We blame them for not being good enough and for pushing them away.

We wait to hear from them all year along, but even when we do, sometimes it hurts even more. Because it’s never enough. Really, that’s all you’re going to say to me? That’s all the time you’ve got for me? And then they get remarried and start a new family, and somehow, they’ve magically got time for their new, adorable children.  His way of communicating with me is by sending me pictures of my half-siblings, and cash checks. That’s not what I want. I want my daddy back.

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