My Daily Motivation
April 18, 2021
Laura Lee

Sometimes, finding the strength to get your motivation up can be difficult. In the past, I have struggled tremendously with this issue. There were days where I would barely get out of bed and would struggle to gather the motivation to start my day. I would get in my head – bring myself down and ruin my whole day. For a while, I tried to come up with ways that would help me generate daily motivation. I found several systems that seemed to help with the matter, but, unfortunately, none of them seemed to last. I tried looking forward to something positive, but there were times where there was nothing to look forward to for a while. After a while of trying every system I could think of – I fell back into a rut.

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Eventually, after a long search, I found a system that fitted me. However, unlike what I used to think, my answer wasn’t one thing – there wasn’t a magic fix – but rather a combination of several behaviors and mantras. One of the first behaviors that helped me was looking for something positive and happy every day, even the smallest of details. However, one of my first steps in this journey to find my motivation, I tried to find the purpose behind it all. Having a true understanding of why you are pursuing a goal will help you to keep after it in the long term. Define your purpose, build a strong foundation to your process that will allow you o keep those motivational levels boosted and in place. Moreover, I started keeping track of my sleep. I realized that one of the things that brought me down and held me back was that I didn’t get enough sleep.

Another thing that helped me establish my daily motivation was exercise. Exercise is a huge part of contributing towards a healthy mind and body. If you can get out and exercise regularly, your motivation to continue and exercise will actually increase. I also realized that my fears and hesitations held me back. The retreat of daily motivation is often related to self-doubt or internal fears creeping into your mind. If you work to face your fears, then you will begin to realize that they don’t have any power unless you give it to them. Most importantly, it is about ourselves. You know yourself best, and you will be most aware of your internal weaknesses, patterns of behaviors, etc. Gaining motivation comes from defining your goals and learning to work toward them, and requires plenty of self-work and commitment. So, what are you waiting for?

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