My Student Loan Makes Me Cry
July 10, 2018
Claire Miles

So if you entered this article thinking that I would be able to give you all the answers to solving your student loan debt, then you might as well just leave now.  This is not a budget forum, I don’t understand anything about interest rates. I don’t even know what the best party school are. But if you’d like to share some laughs and tears together, then I am here for you. You are not alone when it comes to dealing with student loan debt.

If you’re still here, then we can all probably assume that you’ve got yourself some debt. And if not? Then, wow. All the respect to you that you managed to do that, and I’m sure happy for you, from the bottom of my heart.  And please let us all know how you did it.

I grew up believing that college was something I had no choice but to do, my parents convinced into believing that I would be homeless if I didn’t get a degree. But they most certainly did not warn me that I would be working at the McDonald’s drive through.

I know my parents ultimately wanted the best for their daughter, and they really think that college was needed, but I wish I had been more prepared for all of this.  It all hit me when I got my first student loan bill.

How come no one ever explained to me what interest is and how it works? It hurt to know I was paying so much of my hard worked money. It made me angry, especially since I felt like I wasn’t moving forward in life with anything.

I thought by the time I was this age, I would be married, have children and a nice big house.  But seems as though times have changed, and that I will never be able to function on my parents timeline and pace.

All it seems that I can do is learn. I will not pressure my children to go to college if they do not feel ready. To everyone in this place, I so feel you. We will pay it all of, eventually.

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