Natural Ways to Get Glowing Skin
February 22, 2023
Penelope Trent

Your appearance and skin health are often directly linked to your food intake. Believe it or not, while synthetic products can artificially alter your skin to look better, ensuring the sustainability of improved skin is dependent upon eating habits and routines. One cannot work entirely without the other. Here are some practices that can nourish the quality of your skin in the long term.

Keeping your skin clear from the inside largely depends on the amount and type of water you intake. Good quality and clean water can help reduce wrinkles on the face in the long run. In our daily lives, consumed by work, we often forget that we haven’t had our eight-glass water intake for the day. An easy reminder of thirst can be when your lips naturally start to feel dry. To counter this general disregard for liquid intake, keep a water bottle handy with you all the time. Hot water, especially when paired with some citrus lemon, helps remove toxins from your body and enables you to remove the much-dreaded acne at the very core from which it stems.

Getty Images/Tetra Images/JGI/Jamie Grill

Secondly, a way to keep the skin healthy is to drastically alter your food intake if it creates a surplus of processed carbohydrates, so basically, white pasta and bread with more nutritious and mightier greens. Processed and canned foods, which are heavy in carbohydrates, cause your insulin levels to shoot up. This leads to inflammation, and the production of an enzyme called collagen that makes your skin look dry and saggy at the surface. Incorporating green juices and vegetables increases your fiber intake. It makes your diet rich in antioxidants necessary to prevent such inflammation.

Another simple thing that impacts cleansing your skin is to make sure you lock in some oxygen by going on walks. Don’t forget to apply sunblock if you live in generally warmer regions. Sleeping on time can also help your skin perspire more and makes it plump and healthier. Other than that, ensuring your skin only comes into contact with clean towels is also necessary because that is where half of the dreaded acne originates.

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