Navigating Friendships
November 15, 2022
Laura Lee

Friends are a very beautiful part of anybody’s life as they make us who we are. Friendships are such a blessing that we don’t realize how lucky we are to have them. Friends make us believe in ourselves and are there for us in our hardest times. We can lean on them for everything and time passes quickly with a good friend as we can talk to them about anything. Family, boy’s problems, favorite subjects or about any topic and that also means that we have to be there for them also.

Life is a very unexpected thing and can change in a second but the people we care about and our friends always stay there. Friends teach you important lessons which can help you throughout your life. After a tiring or bad day, a call from your best friend can fix everything. They are like a cozy and comfortable place for us to rant about our problems. There will be fights and misunderstandings along the way but true friendships will survive the test of time. Fights are very normal in a friendship as when you care about someone, you are bound to have an argument with them.

Listening to the concerns of your friend is very important as you should understand the situation from their point of view. Everybody has different concerns and problems so communication is the key to having an everlasting friendship. Ask them what they need and make sure that you don’t tell their secrets to other people as this is most important to maintain trust between two people. Over time, people move to other places for jobs and other stuff so we should keep in touch with our friends back home. This can be hard to do but anything is possible when there is a will.

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