New Year, Not New You
December 31, 2018
Laura Lee

The new year is right around the corner.  But just because society likes to convince us that a new year, means a new you, it doesn’t have to.

Regardless of what you’ve done this year (or even not done), truth be told, you do not need to change who you are.  What you need to do however, is remember who you are.  But who are you really?

Are we defined by how much we weigh? How old we are, how we look? By how much money we’ve got, or how many followers we’ve got on Instagram? Perhaps by how many people came to our birthday party last year?  That would be a big fat no.

All of these small things are so temporary, and so insignificant.  These things become a part of us, in order for us to grow and learn, but none of these small aspects could ever possibly define us.

The one thing within is that is eternal is love. That’s truly who we are. Whenever we forget love, we forget who we are. And if you’ve gotten to that point, where you’ve forgot who you are, that’s alright. We all have.

Just never forget not to change who you are.  It may be a new year, but you do not need to become new. Become even more of the real you. Remember who you truly are, before society taught you how to forget.

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