New Years Closure
December 8, 2018
Alexandra Wade

You should probably try to forget to bring your baggage along with you as you enter into 2019.  This year, aim to walk into it with a completely open hearts.  Give yourself the honor and the self-respect of starting on a clean slate. You deserve that.

As this year comes to end, forgive yourself for the mistakes that you’ve made. Forgive yourself for not achieving all the goals you set for yourself. Perhaps they weren’t all that realistic. Be kind to yourself. Stop counting all of your faults, and start counting your successes.

Perhaps you didn’t earn everything you wished for, but you grew into a new version of yourself this year and learned so much. And for that, you have every reason to be proud of yourself.

With 2019 about to begin, stop wasting your energy on the people that don’t deserve it.  Learn to accept that you are better off without them. Forgive them, and then move on.  Find yourselves new people that respect you, love you, bring you up, and who never even think of hurting you.

Stop stressing this year about the things that you cannot change. Accept your past, and move on, and forward from it. Don’t beat yourself up over all of the things that you could have done differently this year.  You are only in control of tomorrow. Yesterday is already history.

Stop comparing this year to where you were last year. Whether you took a few steps forwards, or a few steps backwards, you should have no shame. Sometimes we gain things, sometimes we lose things. It’s all a part of the process of life.

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